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Programs and Services at Verity have grown and evolved over our 37 year history. Our growth is in direct response to the needs of the community.

Our services are provided to the community regardless of socio-economic status. All programs rely on the generosity of our funders and donors and are dependent upon community support, government funding, corporate giving, grants from foundation, as well as client donation based fees. You can help. We appreciate your support..

Services are provided to victims of all forms of sexual assault including: incest, child sexual abuse, date rape, marital rape, same sex rape, sexual harassment, and attempted sexual assault. No matter how long ago the incident occurred. These services are provided by staff and trained volunteers.

Walk-in Crisis Counseling – Weekdays, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at our offices. The address is 835 Piner Road, Suite D, Santa Rosa, CA 95403.

Information and Referrals: call 707-545-7270 or email:


  • 24/7 Rape Crisis Hotline 707-545-7273
  • Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Speech-Disabled – 711 (California Relay Service)
  • Individual Therapy 707-545-7270 x14
  • Support Groups 707-545-7270 x14

Verity is committed to reducing the level of violence in our community. Education is a critical step toward attaining more knowledgeable community members and, hopefully, a safer environment leading to a less violent future.

Prevention Education

Presentations are provided to elementary, middle and high school classrooms, after-school programs, universities, and to students, teachers, and parents. Read “Rave Reviews” of these programs.

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Professional Training

Professional Trainings are provided on Verity’s role in the community and include overviews of our services, explanation of needs, and volunteer opportunities. We describe services for sexual assault survivors, educational programs on the awareness and prevention of sexual assault, and opportunities for community involvement. Staff also trains on specific topics, including Sexual Harassment.

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Verity provides informational materials such as brochures and Resource Guides to any group or individual in need of more information about sexual violence. We can provide an informational table to display at your community event. Contact the Communications Coordinator to receive informational materials or schedule an outreach program. 707-545-7270 extension 15 or email:

Call our crisis line at:
verity help line

24/7 Crisis Line

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